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The Benefits of Buying OEM Parts | Gallatin, TN

One of the inevitabilities of vehicle ownership is wear and tear on parts. Brake pads and filters will be swapped out on a regular service schedule, but occasionally something more substantial needs replaced. When this occurs, if you want the same performance and longevity that you got from the original part, buying an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part is the best option.

Superior Quality

The quality assurance you get when you purchase an OEM part through the service department at Newton Nissan of Gallatin is second to none. You are sure to get the exact part replacement you need, engineered to the same standards as a brand-new vehicle. What’s more, our expert service professionals will be able to quickly and accurately identify the parts you need and install them on your vehicle. 

When you visit a certified dealership for service, its reputation is on the line with each repair. That means it will turn to OEM parts it can count on — and if you purchase a discount part somewhere else for the repair, the dealership may opt not to install it on your vehicle.

Better Warranty Coverage

OEM parts generally offer warranty coverage that’s superior to any other parts you can buy. With auction sites, private manufacturers, and even 3D-printed parts available, it may be tempting to go with a discount alternative to OEM parts. However, these alternatives rarely come with any sort of guarantee. With a certified OEM part, you get a warranty for the expected life of the replacement. Most service centers will have some sort of labor warranty as well.

Whether you are bringing your vehicle in for regularly scheduled service or need to address unexpected mechanical trouble, make sure you select a reputable service provider that uses only the best parts. Here at Newton Nissan of Gallatin, we offer OEM parts to help ensure the job is done right.