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ProPilot Assist: Nissan’s Smart Technology

Thursday, September 13th, 2018


ProPilot Assist

Nissan is known for its great vehicles & smart technology, because of the strong belief that smart technology can improve driver and passenger safety. A fairly new Nissan technology advancement is known as ProPilot Assist. 

How does ProPilot Assist help drivers?

This technology works like a really smart cruise control, helping helps drivers using cruise control to:

  • stay in their lane,
  • maintain an appropriate distance between cars,
  • keep the vehicle centered in the lane, and
  • stay moving or stopped as traffic dictates.

It was first introduced on the 2018 Rogue. These features can be operated easily by simply pressing a blue button on the steering wheel. It is primarily intended to reduce driver fatigue on long stretches of travel. You must keep your hands on the steering wheel, but can relax them, as well as your feet, as the the vehicle does most of the heavy work for you!

How to use ProPilot Assist:

Some of our team made the following video to help you see ProPilot Assist in action. Check it out & come by and test drive a new Rogue today to see this feature in action yourself!


Newton Nissan Gives: Mustard Seed Communities Update

Monday, November 13th, 2017
Newton Nissan Gives

A few months ago, we told a story, about how “Newton Nissan gives” is a major part of our DNA here. We strive to be a part of our communities, not just a place for customers. And this is not limited to Middle Tennessee; for seven years now, we have partnered with Mustard Seed Communities: an international organization dedicated to helping children around the world. Our partnership began through our founder’s wife, Mrs. Terry Newton, going on one of their trips, and has led to more employees going with them. Every year, we partner with them for their annual Dare to Care Fundraiser. October 7th, 2017 marked its 13th year, and the Newtons hosted it in Atlanta.


And we’re so happy to announce that this event raised

over $200,000 for abandoned & disabled children.

It’s amazing what happens when communities from near and far come together for an important cause! Newton Motor Group once again proudly donated a vehicle to auction off. It is always an honor for us to give back in this way.

Newton Nissan Gives

What’s the impact?

Mustard Seed Communities holistically meets the needs of children with disabilities who have been abandoned or neglected. They strive to meet physical needs, as well as spiritual and emotional ones. The money raised from this event goes directly to make sure that these children, though once abandoned, are never abandoned again.

Some Very Special Guests

Some of our very own staff members and their families attended the event last month, including Mike Abbandonza, pictured below with Bill Newton. Mike Castro, from our South location in Shelbyville, came with his wife also.

Newton Nissan Gives

In addition, some of the very men who help run the day-to-day activities of these communities attended. Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon (below right), founder of Mustard Seed Communities, and Father Garvin Augustine (left), Executive Director of MS International both attended. Here they are with Terry Newton, who chairs this event every year. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Mustard Seed USA.

Newton Nissan Gives

How can you help?

Join as Newton Nissan Gives to Mustard Seed Communities:

Find out more about Mustard Seed Communities by visiting their website.

Stay up to date with Mustard Seed news & events on their Facebook page.

Newton Nissan Gives: Mustard Seed Communities

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Newton Nissan is made up of people who genuinely care about their communities as well as their customers. And that caring spirit extends straight from the top: our owner, Bill Newton, and his wife, Terry. In 2003, Terry went on her first mission trip to Nicaragua. While there, she fell in love with a little boy named Joey, whom she and Bill later adopted. This trip was the beginning of a now well-established relationship the Newtons have with a non-profit called Mustard Seed Communities.

Newton Nissan Gives

“Once abandoned, never abandoned again.”

Mustard Seed began as a residential home in Kingston, Jamaica, and now is established in 5 countries: Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. They are committed to caring for the most defenseless populations of societies. This includes those suffering with social and/or developmental disabilities, as well those with HIV/AIDS.  Even as they have expanded and grown, their foundation remains the same: “Once abandoned, never abandoned again.” Each community cares for residents’ physical, mental, and spiritual needs for as long as needed.

Taking Newton Nissan to Jamaica

Bill and Terry both have led numerous trips to these homes, and they have taken their family as well as staff from Newton Nissan, including owner Mike Abbondanza and his wife, Karen, and co-owner and General Manager at Newton Nissan South, Mike Castro along with his wife, Regina.

Mike Abbondanza in Jamaica

Smith in Nicaragua

Newton Nissan Gives

When Terry returned from that first trip, she and a group of ladies began a fundraiser called Dare to Care to raise money for Mustard Seed Communities. “The needs are enormous and continue to grow daily. Because our residents are disabled, we require more staff members to care for these fragile children. This, along with food, medicines, diapers, etc, adds up to huge expenses,” Terry says. Dare to Care has grown into a large annual event that brings in $150,000, with over 200 attendees, hosted by Bill and Terry Newton in Atlanta, GA.

For 7 years now, the Newton dealership has participated in this fundraiser by donating a new car to be raffled at the event.

Newton Gives

How can you help?

Join as Newton Nissan Gives by participating in the Dare to Care online auction!

Find out more about Mustard Seed Communities by visiting their website.

Stay up to date with Mustard Seed news & events on their Facebook page.

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