Why Buy: 4WD vs AWD - Gallatin, TN

Why Buy: 4WD vs AWD | Gallatin, TN

Whether you aim to navigate icy roads in the winter or muddy trails in the summer, you need the power to handle whatever nature throws at you. Two more-than-capable technologies are available to get you through tough terrain: Nissan four-wheel drive and Nissan intuitive all-wheel drive. Both systems work hard in their own way to get you where you need to go safely. Learn more about their differences to find out which system will work best for your driving lifestyle.


4WD Pros

4WD is a flexible and configurable system. With two-wheel drive, auto four-wheel, and full-time 4WD modes available on demand, the engine works as hard or as simply as your drive requires, but it also conserves fuel efficiency. 4WD systems are especially good for off-road driving as the full-time 4WD mode makes sure all the tires get full power all the time to get over the toughest obstacles.


4WD Cons

The main drawback of 4WD is also seen as a positive attribute for many drivers. The configurability of a 4WD system means that if you are in two-wheel only mode the system will not kick power to the other two wheels if there is a sudden unexpected traction loss. This downside is solved for many drivers by relying on the auto mode which, similar to AWD systems, monitors when to go between two-wheel and four-wheel powered modes.


Intuitive AWD Pros

AWD is an advanced system equipped with sensors that monitor the power needs of all four wheels at any given time. This automated system can adjust the power each wheel receives in a split-second timeframe. An AWD system adjusts itself down to conserve fuel when full power isn’t necessary but is constantly keeping a lookout for lack of traction.


Intuitive AWD Cons

The main con of AWD is that some drivers are unwilling to rely on computerized sensors. The safety record of AWD systems is excellent but still many drivers prefer the configurability of 4WD.


Find out what system will serve your driving lifestyle best when you test-drive the incredible selection of AWD- and 4WD-equipped Nissan models available at Newton Nissan of Gallatin.


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