Our Car Giveaway

A banner is shown for the Newton Nissan car giveaway.



One student will drive away in a new Nissan Versa–simply for having at least one A on their report card!



Students receive one (1) entry for every “A” on their report card! Please bring your 2023-2024 report cards to Newton Nissan of Gallatin’s showroom OR enter by clicking the link to enter below! Please note that students can enter with midterm/progress reports if final report cards at your school are released after the deadline. 


Deadline for entry: June 10th, 2024

In-person event to draw the winner: June 28th, 2024 – 6 PM

Note: Students MUST be present to win!





Question: I’m taking a class that only gives me a pass/fail grade, will a “P” for “Pass” count as an entry?

No. Only grades that are considered an “A” on the report card will be eligible.

Question: I am taking a college class during high school, will that class be eligible for an entry if I get an “A” in it?

That’s tricky. An “A” from a college/AP class will count only if the class is listed on the high school’s report card (not on a college report card).

Question: I am a college student. Can I enter the car giveaway?

No. The giveaway is currently only open to high school students in a Tennessee high school.

Question: Can I use my Driver’s Permit to enter the car giveaway?

Yes. You can now use your driver’s permit, driver’s license, or student ID to enter, as long as your parent or legal guardian has a valid driver’s license.

Question: My school does not provide report cards. Can I print off my grades from the school’s online portal?

Yes, we can accept these. We also accept digital copies and screenshots from your school’s portal–as long as both the student’s name and school are visible on them. This helps us verify the correct entries.

Question: I totally forgot to bring in my report card and now the deadline has passed. Can you make an exception for me?

No. We are unable to make exceptions.

Question: My child brought in her grades but she won’t be able to make the car giveaway. Can I stand-in for her?

No. Students must be present to win.

Question: Will I have to pay taxes and fees for the vehicle if I win?

You will not have to pay taxes and fees at the dealership; however, you will be required to pay income taxes on the vehicle on your tax return.


We are located at 1461 Nashville Pike Gallatin, TN 37066


Students must be enrolled in a Tennessee high school or a recent graduate of the 2023-2024 school year. Students must be present at the time of drawing to win. Students must turn in their original report cards (no copies) by the deadline to Newton Nissan in Gallatin or Newton Nissan South in Shelbyville, whichever dealership is closer. While the dealership covers the sales tax and fees, the student and his/her guardian are responsible for any personal income tax incurred from their winnings. Up to four classes per semester are eligible for entries. Former giveaway winners are not eligible for reentry. Newton Nissan employees and their immediate family (spouses, parents, and children) are not eligible to enter any Newton Nissan contest.