2023 Nissan Ariya

  • Overview

    A silver 2023 Nissan Ariya Platinum+ is angled left.

    Nissan kicked off the electric vehicle revolution with the Leaf more than ten years ago, a compact fully electric car with over 500,000 sold since its introduction. Now, the Ariya is a crossover SUV that adds a next-generation EV to the Nissan lineup, boasting a driving range of up to 300 miles. The 2023 Nissan Ariya features a modern, sleek design with a sporty edge and numerous technology integrations that take driving far into the future. From the slim LED headlights to the pair of shark fin antenna on the roof, the Ariya is equipped with features that mark a new era of driving.

    Four trims are available for the 2023 Ariya, starting with the entry-level Venture+ and ranging to the uppermost Platinum+, each of which incorporates quick-charging, semi-autonomous driving, and Nissan's Safety Shield 360 driver-assist technology. With seating for five, the Ariya's roomy interior has a spacious atmosphere unimpeded by the interruptions in the floor space typically found in gas-powered vehicles. With a flat floor and slim zero gravity seats, the interior space is comfortable and accommodating even when tall adults sit in the back.

    On the outside, the Ariya's crisp, modern style can come in a number of color combinations, from a uniform body color to the option of six two-tone styles. Attractive LED lighting in the front shield highlights the new Nissan logo, and the LED light bar in the rear fascia is fresh and clean to match the rest of the exterior design. For buyers excited to get behind the wheel of their own 2023 Ariya, don't wait. Supply is limited, so order now.


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  • Power

    A bronze 2023 Nissan Ariya is shown parked in a remote field.

    Part of the allure of a crossover SUV is the extra performance you gain for handling adverse driving conditions. With the 2023 Ariya, the available e-4ORCE all-wheel drive is intelligent enough to maintain the direction in which the driver is steering, even when encountering snow or slippery road conditions. All four wheels independently brake to handle cornering and curves, so the Ariya stays in its lane and headed where the driver intends to go. As part of the all-wheel drive system, a side effect of its function is less jostling for passengers, even during hard braking, and it reduces motion sickness. In addition, Nissan adds rear regenerative braking to charge the dual motors and keep the Ariya on the road longer.

    Long Battery Range

    Most Ariya models will be powered by front-wheel drive, which means a longer driving range. For the entry-level Venture+ models, an extended driving range of 300 miles is the largest available range for the 2023 Ariya. The mid-range Evolve+ and Premier trims will have a driving range of 285 miles, and the all-wheel drive Platinum+ will have a range of 265 miles. With the front-wheel drive versions, the Ariya makes 238 horsepower with its single motor for the front axle, and the all-wheel drive Platinum+ makes 389 hp as the most powerful model available.

    Easy Charging

    Charging the 2023 Ariya will mean using the standard rapid-charge port that will only take up to 40 minutes at a fast charger. Even when the battery is depleted completely, you can be back on the road in the time it takes to have a meal. Of course, the driver can easily keep track of driving range and charging feedback through the large 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, where all the pertinent information about the battery life and regenerative braking are displayed. Regenerative braking can be optimized with the drive mode controls located in the center console, a sleek set of haptic sensors that blend seamlessly with the console to maintain clean lines in the interior design.

  • Technology

    A simulation of the ProPilot Mode on a bronze 2023 Nissan Ariya on a highway is shown.

    The future of driving is heading toward vehicles being autonomous, and Nissan is bringing semi-autonomous driving to every trim level of the 2023 Ariya. With ProPilot Assist 2.0, the systems in the Ariya will have access to detailed high-definition maps that provide all the data the Ariya requires to manage the road ahead. A simple press of a button will set the system, which operates much like adaptive cruise control, automating the set speed and maintaining lane-centering, but the Ariya will also be able to navigate lane changes and passing slower vehicles on the highway. All the driver needs to do is keep eyes on the road in case of a need to take back the wheel.

    Even when the ProPilot Assist feature isn't engaged, the system can still use 3-D road map data to keep the Ariya centered in its lane. Buyers of the Premier trim will gain the ProPilot Park feature, which autonomously parks the Ariya by steering, accelerating, or braking as needed to guide the SUV into a space. The Ariya can even shift itself to get the job done. Each of these systems in the Ariya will utilize a driver monitoring system to ensure the driver is paying attention to the road and is actively engaged with the vehicle's motions for safety reasons.

    Advanced Safety Features

    Speaking of safety, every 2023 Ariya also comes standard with the Nissan Safety Shield 360 suite, a set of six driver-assist technologies designed to automatically assist the driver in avoiding or mitigating potential impacts. Typical safety features such as auto emergency braking and lane-keeping systems are part of the driver-assist tech in the Ariya, and Nissan also raises the bar with features like rear auto braking and rear cross-traffic alert to help prevent accidents which commonly occur when sight lines behind the vehicle are compromised. Few auto makers provide features for the back of the vehicle as standard equipment, but Nissan knows the importance of all-around safety.

    Always Up To Date

    As the future advances, technology will not only make driving safer, but simpler, too. Nissan is making over-the-air software updates a standard feature on the 2023 Ariya, which means the systems in your vehicle will always have access to the most recent data and information. Enhanced voice recognition will allow for engaging with on-board systems in the Ariya as well, including standard Amazon Alexa connectivity to accompany standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

  • Features

    The interior dashboard of a 2023 Nissan Ariya shows the steering wheel and infotainment screen.

    As more buyers explore electric mobility, they discover the exciting world of unique features found in electric vehicles like the 2023 Ariya. Thanks to the reduced need for moving parts in electric motors, the interior of the Ariya design features flat floors in both the front and rear passenger areas. This means more comfort for passengers in every seat, especially the passenger who rides in the center rear seat. The flat floor makes it possible to accommodate even tall adults in the rear, and a powered center console allows for the space to be configured for the comfort of the passengers.

    Advanced Ergonomics

    Slim-profile zero gravity seats in the front make the best use of space in the cabin as well as provide the ultimate comfort for the front seat passengers, maximizing the amount of room available for legroom. Modern haptic controls in the dash illuminate through the wood grain without needing a raised platform to control the climate or audio system, though Nissan does provide a physical knob to control the infotainment volume settings. Ambient lighting in the dash and doors softly glows with the use of driving modes, adding mood to the interior of the Ariya at night.

    A Comfortable and Modern Design

    Though many features in the Ariya may be unique, buyers can rest assured that favored features from current crossover SUVs are found within the Ariya's modern aesthetic. An available wireless charging pad can be found in the center console, and heated seats in both front and rear can provide comfort on chilly days. Rear cargo space is plentiful and has a movable floor common to most SUVs, with the option to have room for larger items or to tuck small items out of sight. Small cubbies on either side of the trunk provide a place for bottles to sit upright or to keep items in place while you drive.

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