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When you think about buying a new vehicle, do you get excited or immediately feel a sense of dread? As your Nashville car dealership, we believe that the car-buying experience should be exciting, rewarding, and fun. That’s why we’re determined to help you find the perfect model right here at Newton Nissan of Gallatin.

We put the fun back into the car-buying experience. We’re not like most dealerships because we’re not here with a string of sales gimmicks or tricks to get you behind the wheel of a model you don’t really like or want. Instead, we’re here to learn more about you and what works best for your needs. We’re here to build a relationship with you to not only help you find the Nissan of your dreams but to also give you the confidence you need for miles down the road through our state-of-the-art service department.

Our relationship with you begins right here. We’re excited to share the history of the Nissan brand and its reputation for reliability and innovation. We’ll look at the most popular Nissan models and give you a few more reasons why you’ll want to make Newton Nissan of Gallatin your top choice!

A person is shown with their hand on the spoiler of a red 2021 Nissan GT-R.

Nissan’s History and Reputation

Why should you consider a new Nissan? Since its founding in the 1900s, Nissan has laid the groundwork of reliability and innovation. This is apparent in every model and generation from the first Datsun Type 15 of the late 1930s to newer models like the Rogue and Pathfinder.

1900s to 1950s

Nissan’s history dates to the early 1900s, when the first Datsun was built. Over the next several decades, Nissan continued to improve upon the design before debuting the Datsun Type 15 in 1937. The Datsun was Japan’s first mass-produced vehicle and sealed Nissan’s fate in the automotive industry as the lineup expanded to include the Datsun delivery van and a mini pickup truck, both of which served a variety of needs.

With a firm footing in Japan thanks to the Datsun and models like the Skyline, Nissan knew its next step was America and immediately set to work on designing a car for the American market. The Datsun 1200 sedan made its debut in 1958 and was followed by the Datsun compact pickup truck, a quarter-ton Datsun model that solidified Nissan’s place in America. The truck would eventually come to be known as the Frontier.

1950s to Present

Nissan flourished in America with the introduction of the Datsun Fairlady 1200 sports car. The roadster was popular with its four-on-the-floor transmission and 48 horsepower engine that was later upgraded to deliver 85 horsepower. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Nissan introduced a wide variety of models like the Datsun 320 truck with its 60 horsepower engine and the Nissan 411 4-Door Sedan that was the first Datsun to come with a fully automatic 3-speed transmission. The lineup also saw the inclusion of Nissan’s first American SUV, the Patrol, as well as the American-inspired Datsun 510 sedan that was available as a two-door coupe, four-door sedan, or five-door wagon to fit a variety of needs.

The 1970s marked a period of great success for Nissan as the automaker became America’s top importer. As a result, Nissan established a new office in California with the task of designing American-style vehicles for the Nissan lineup. Known as the Nissan Design America (NDA), the NDA is the mastermind behind models like the Altima, Pathfinder, Xterra, Titan, Kicks, and Maxima.

Nissan continued to build its stride throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and well into the new millennium thanks to its success from the 1970s and its growing reputation for reliability. This success is apparent in the early model Titan, which made its debut in 1983 and marked the automaker’s first American-built truck. We also see this reliability and innovation in sedans like the Sentra, four-door compact trucks like the Frontier and a new lineup of hybrid models like the Altima Hybrid that usher Nissan and its customers into a more sustainable future.

A yellow and a blue 2023 Nissan Z are shown next to each other facing opposite direction.

Popular Nissan Models to Check Out

While Nissan is known for building reliable vehicles, it’s also known for delivering widespread versatility across its lineup. This is why shopping for a new Nissan is such a great option because there’s something for everyone. Sedans like the Versa, Sentra, Altima, and Maxima are exceptional options for small families, couples, or individuals who are looking for a blend of luxury and efficiency. The Nissan LEAF takes this efficiency even further as an electric vehicle that delivers instant power and torque at every turn.

For those looking for more spaciousness and capability, the Nissan lineup has more to offer with its vast lineup of crossovers and SUVs. The Kicks, Rogue Sport, and Rogue are a few top sellers, while the Murano, Pathfinder, Armada, and Ariya deliver even more room and capability than their smaller counterparts. It all depends on what you prioritize in an SUV - space over performance, price over luxury, efficiency over capability? The choice is yours.

The Nissan fleet wouldn’t be complete without capable workhorses like the Frontier and Titan, both of which have roots in Nissan’s early model trucks. You’ll also find Nissan can satisfy your need for speed with sports cars like the 370Z and the GT-R, the latter of which has a stellar reputation among Nissan buyers for its agile handling and track-like performance. What’s not to love about the Nissan lineup?

Why Shop with Us

Nissan’s rich heritage, as well as its extensive lineup of cars, trucks, and SUVs, make it easy to see why shopping for a Nissan is a great option. However, it doesn’t answer the question of why you should shop with us. To put it simply, you won’t find another dealership committed to changing your experience.

Here at Newton Nissan of Gallatin, we’re committed to changing your car-buying experience by putting the fun and excitement back into the process. To do this, our business runs on integrity, honesty, and teamwork, all of which you’ll see whether you’re working with our sales team, talking with our finance department, or entrusting our certified service technicians with your Nissan. We go to great lengths to live and operate by these values so that your experience is truly rewarding.

As part of that experience, you’ll discover that our team isn’t here with gimmicks or tricks. We believe in getting to know you and guiding you through the experience on your terms. That’s the inspiration behind our Newton Fastpass program, which allows you to start the entire process from the comfort of your home or office. You can shop our virtual showroom and apply for financing before you ever set foot in the dealership. This is just another way we’re here to save you time and money.

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